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wow-women300Discover Purpose that Gives You the Power to Go to Your Destiny!

Are you fulfilling your purpose? Have you turned your troubles into triumph? Are you a woman of God’s destiny and power? With passion, grace and biblical integrity, Earma Brown lays out a map to God’s destiny and purpose for women. WOW! Women of  Destiny is filled with insightful encouragement for women pursuing God’s destiny and purpose for their lives. Inside WOW! Women of Destiny  you will discover how to:

  • Seek God’s presence not the gift and receive patience with the process.
  • Develop a spirit of readiness to seize all your opportunities when they come.
  • Fuel your passion with your troubles
  • Discover passion that points to God’s purpose
  • Stop the Destiny thieves sent to kill your Destiny and Receive God ordained purpose that leads to power
  • Prepare a plan that leaves a legacy in women from generation to generation?

Candy Lightner was considered a normal housewife with children. So what caused her to almost single-handedly change a nation’s complacent thinking about drinking while driving? Her 12-year old daughter, Cari was killed by a drunk driver. Armed with a passion to help other mothers face similar tragedies, she formed MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and in the process turned her troubles into triumphs.

Book II of the Women of Worth Series is an inspiring celebration of women and men from modern times and history who took or are laying hold of their destiny and making a difference in their family, church, community and world.

The author’s personal experiences, cemented with biblical scripture will encourage you to overcome modern day challenges in the church, in society, as well as balancing God’s call to destiny through victorious home life and community.

Down to earth and inspiring, WOW! Women of Worth II is not only for women’s groups. This book is a must read for Christian men and women alike seeking to empower their wives, sisters, mothers and daughters to fulfill their passion, purpose and power, even their destiny in God’s Kingdom.

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