Why Butterfly Press

Why Butterfly Press

Publishing Opportunities with Butterfly Press: Helping Aspiring Authors Achieve Their Dreams

No matter what your publishing goals are Butterfly Press can help you reach them. Publishing with Butterfly Press includes:

  • Creative control in publishing
  • An aggressive royalty plan
  • National multi-channel distribution
  • Suite of services for your book
  • Optional Marketing Services
  • Support to spread your message
  • Join the Butterfly Press family of authors today

There are new opportunities for aspiring authors to consider with Butterfly Press. Whether your goals are to market your book on a international scale, or to print a small number of books for a workshop, class or study our professionals will find a solution for you. Our publishing services can provide Butterfly Press authors the following competitive advantages:

  • Presentation as a Butterfly Press Resource.
  • Available to Wholesale & Retail Book Buyers. Although we do not guarantee that your book will be stocked or sold in any retail store, we make all Butterfly Press titles available for order and stocking by Internet retailers and in Christian bookstores around the country.
  • Mauscript Review ensures a sound message for your readers. Each manuscript submitted to Butterfly Press undergoes a Manuscript Quality Review to ensure the material is sound and adheres to our quality standards.
  • Volume Discounts for Authors. Order 50 or more copies of your book to receive volume discounts.
  • Retain Ownership of Your Book Content. After publishing your book with Butterfly Press, you continue to own the copyright to your material giving you ultimate control over your book’s content.
  • Web Page in Butterfly Press Book Store (Online)
  • Ability to share your expertise or your message to enrich your life and help others. Our partnership publishing solution allows you the freedom and opportunity to publish your book on your terms and schedule.

Butterfly Press Is Not Just Another Self-Publishing Company

Yes, we do require our authors to invest financially to publish with our company, there are significant differences that distinguish us from a self-publisher, with the major difference being that we do not publish every manuscript submitted. We at Butterfly Press are committed to maintaining an established standard that meets both literary expertise and our quality standards. Therefore, there are a few guidelines to which our authors’ books must adhere:

  • Each manuscript submitted for any package except Bronze must meet Editorial Review standards for quality.
  • Titles are priced competitively with those books produced by traditional publishers, because of this Butterfly Press guides the author to select a proper retail price.

Our mission is to help aspiring authors get their message in print as well as achieve their mission and goals of success over and over again, multiple times.

Frequently Asked Questions

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