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Our Story

Varn and Earma BrownVarn and Earma Brown have been business owners of Arrow Productions since 2000 and in business together since 1994. In the Fall of 2007, they added Butterfly Press, a small press publishing company to a family of companies under Arrow Productions. Additionally, they develop websites for authors, writers, small business professionals and Internet communities on the web – including the WritetoWin.org,SelfPublishingHouse.net, ArticleSpeedway.com, BookWritingHelp.com and the BookWritingCourse.com websites. Earma is author of numerous books including “eBook It! How to Profit from Your Passion,” “How to Write a Book In 100 Days or Less,” and “Article Marketing Speedway” as well as other inspirational nonfiction titles. Varn and Earma recently co-authored a devotional book called A Devotion to Serve.

Latest Books: In the Spirit of Armorbearing, Armorbearer Training Series: Small Group Study Edition, A Devotion to Serve, Write Your Best Book Now (original book) Write Your Best Book Now: 12 Week Course, WOW! Women of Worth, Writing a Book God’s Way 
Website: http://earmabrown.com