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Family Heritage Books

Butterfly Press Family Heritage Books

  • A Gem Picked From A Pocket Of Dust
    $11.99 A Gem Picked From A Pocket Of Dust
    ButterflyPress.net & ScribereCreative.com presents 'A Gem Picked From A Pocket of Dust: Interesting, triumphant and at times unexpectedly heartbreaking, A Gem Picked From A Pocket of Dust is an engaging true story about...

  • Broadway Generations
Creating a Living Legacy for the Past, Present & Future
    $16.99 Broadway Generations Paperback
    In Marie (Broadway) Toms second family heritage book Broadway Generations, she brings a spirit of celebration and honor to the family. She traces the footprints of early Arkansan settler Grandpa Oliver back two more steps to...

  • The Journey by Eugene Broadway
    $19.99 The Journey
    Travel the journey with Eugene as he uncovers a trail leading all the way back to the possible plantation site where Broadway ancestors were enslaved. Take the journey and you will discover mystery, prosperity, reversals and...