Steps to Get Started

Steps to Get Started

The FIRST STEP in preparing your manuscript for publishing is to make sure your manuscript is fully edited. You may send your manuscript through several edits. If you need help with the editing process visit our Book Editing division for pricing and/or estimate for additional services. You may submit your manuscript for editing whether you decide to publish with us or not.

Next step with us: After your manuscript is fully edited, to get your book published with us is to review our publishing packages, select your publishing option and then review the Butterfly Press Book Publishing Agreement for your selected package. After choosing your publishing program, submit your complete payment with publishing agreement.

Choose your Book Publishing Program. For as little as $599, you can get published with Butterfly Press! Imagine becoming a published author in as little as 45 days.

We look forward to getting your book into the hands of readers! Before you begin, please review our Manuscript Preparation Guidelines and Submission Checklist.  Also, our Butterfly Press Book Publishing Timeline might be helpful to review.  This will make the process faster and easier. Your manuscript must be in final form to begin production. After you submit your manuscript, only minor changes will be accepted. If you make changes afterwards, additional time and fees will be incurred.  If you are paying with a credit card, please have it handy for ready reference. To review an Author Agreement, please check link within each publishing package.

If your manuscript has already been professionally edited, publishing package selected, publishing agreement reviewed and submitted with payment The SECOND STEP is to upload your book manuscript, graphics, author photograph, and anything else that will appear in your book or on your book cover design.

Remember to upload files in accordance to the Manuscript Preparation Guidelines and the Submission Checklist. (If you have designed your own cover or typeset your text, you’ll need to make sure your files are set up exactly to our Print Ready Requirements. Please contact us if you have pre-designed cover) This will make it faster and easier for you to get published with us.

If you have any questions, you can contact us after you have completed the FIRST STEP above. Click here to begin the process for uploading your files. You can do this today, or later. Remember, after you submit your manuscript, it’s final. If you make additional changes there will be additional fees.

After you complete these steps, you’ve started your journey to becoming a published author. We will check in with you within 24 hours.

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