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Information products continue to be hot sellers online, and if you haven’t added this lucrative income stream to your business model yet, you’re missing out. But even if you regularly publish ebooks and videos, you’re leaving money on the table if you’re not tapping into Amazon’s wildly popular Kindle market.

On the Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing website, Indie Publishers & self-publishers can publish their books and make them available to read in a number of ways. Discover how to publish your books on Kindle with this tutorial set.

The 4 Kindle Publishing Tutorials Include:

1. Formatting Your Book (6 pages): A step-by-step guide with pictures that shows how to format your ebooks for publishing on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

2. Uploading Your Book (6 pages): This guide with images will show how to upload your books to be published on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

3. Selling Your Book (4 pages): Walk with me step-by-step through selling & promoting your books on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

4. Sales Reports & Getting Paid (4 pages): Discover how to run sales reports and get paid after selling your books on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Plus the fourth ebook includes a Resource Guide with places to get FREE converter and free FTP software.

These 4 guides including 20 pages of instruction to ebook your information to success!

Download this publishing tutorial today and receive 4 Fully-Illustrated Quick How-to-Reports (.PDF format)

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