Editorial Evaluation

Editorial Evaluation

Editorial Review

Cost:$299.00| Purchase of publishing package is required.

An Editorial Review is an ideal solution when preparing to publish your work. A fresh perspective can help you take the best next step for your book — whether that step is to publish, or to consider a final edit on your manuscript. 

Next Steps:

One of our practiced editors will examine your manuscript. The reviewer will provide a general overview of your manuscript, constructive comments to improve your book and a recommendation for the editing service if necessary.

After submitting your manuscript in a Microsoft Word document, an editor will review the first chapter of your work, or up to 1,650 words (whichever comes first). Spelling, grammar, typos, sentence structure and flow will be taken into account during this review. Once the review is complete, you’ll receive your manuscript with the marked changes as well as a brief report on what the editor suggests for your work.

The review is typically completed within 10 to 15 business days, and then the next move is up to you. You may decide from your editor’s suggestions that further editing would help prepare your manuscript for publishing. Or, you might receive the final assurance needed to continue forward with publishing. Either way, you will gain the confidence that you’re taking the right step toward achieving success with your book.

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