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Do You Dream of Publishing a Book?
Helping aspiring authors achieve their dreams.
Imagine finally connecting with a publishing company who takes your message seriously. You can now realize the dream that has been inside you for (it seems like forever) a very long time.

Butterfly Press will work with you to breathe life into your dream of publishing a book.

Butterfly Press is committed to helping others dream a bigger dream in writing, book development and publishing. Seeking to supply excellent written material that will instruct, inspire, encourage and elevate those who read the pages of the books from Butterfly Press for generations to come.

Butterflys are symbolic of transformations, emergence and victories won. They represent the very eccense of change, creativity and then pollinating to share it with the world.

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly. ~Richard Buckminster Fuller

Diamond Butterfly Suprema
Book Publishing Services (Package 1)

Publishing Package - Diamond Butterfly

For the author who wants the best discount, highest royalties, most complimentary books, and the most marketing addon marketing services offered, we recommend the Diamond Butterfly Package. This choice also comes standard with our Custom Cover Design package, complimentary author blog & other discounted marketing services.  Click here for details

  • Author Volume Discount & Standard Discount Pricing
  • 15 complimentary books sent to you upon publication*
  • Unique, custom cover
  • Cover Copy Polish
  • Complimentary eBook Design & PDF Ebook, Submission To Kindle
  • Complimentary customized author blog with 1 yr. personalized domain name registration
  • Complimentary 100 pack of book marks

Celebrating Experts & Entrepreneurs (Diamond Butterfly)


In the Spirit of Armorbearing


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