A Gem Picked From A Pocket Of Dust


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A Gem Picked From A Pocket Of Dust, An Ugandan Memoir

Interesting, triumphant and at times unexpectedly heartbreaking, A Gem
Picked From A Pocket of Dust
is an engaging true story about a courageous
little girl dreaming to become a nurse in the midst of a country village
stricken with poverty and lack of public services.

Born and raised in rural Uganda, Molly Tumusiine Abala was the first
daughter of illiterate parents. Tremendous odds of growing up in an impoverished
village community and crippling traditions of marrying off young girls and
gender predujices in education threatened to destroy her future before it began.
As a young girl, she watched whole sections of her community wiped out by
diseases, now known to be preventable with access to clean water and
knowledgeable health care.

In the midst of an impoverished village of proud Ugandans stuck between a
resistant past and an impatient future, Tumusiine Abala soon began to
emerge as an independent thinker.

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